Advice is out there for singles who are trying to make sense of their textual exchanges


The advent of text messaging and social networking might have made flirting and dating simpler for some but, for others, it has created a world of uncertainty and confusion.

For those feeling lovestruck, frustrated or confused, help is at hand in the form of the website There, women can post their unsatisfactory or confusing exchanges with potential mates, and then crowdsource advice from impartial readers. Those readers can vote whether "he's into you", "he's not into you", "verdict's still out" or if they feel particularly passionate, post a comment.

For visitors to the site, the exchanges evoke scenarios that veer from the hilarious to the painfully familiar. In the interest of journalistic (and romantic) research, Trending posted two text conversations of our own, and waited to see how the web perceived them.

The responses were swift and direct. After one exchange with a distant-sounding "Billy D", a comment read: "You come across as quite bossy and also slightly desperate." While in an exchange with a caddish-sounding Jonny, the wise-sounding JasmineSparkle wrote: "Play it kinda nonchalant, but not rude, say things like 'maybe', don't be too easy to win over."

Such advice could be invaluable if the poster had few friends to talk to, or friends who lack the sufficient wisdom. Other phone-clutching singles will know that every now and then we could all do with some textual healing.