A screenshot of the upcoming mode posted on Twitter by Rocket League's developers / Psyonix

The new mode could be coming out in the next few weeks

The developers of Rocket League have teased a new game mode on Twitter, and it involves basketball.

Basketball mode will be the latest addition to the acrobatic goal-scoring car game, which has become hugely popular since its release on PlayStation 4 last summer.

It was announced on Twitter by developers Psyonix, on Rocket League's Twitter page.

The single screenshot doesn't give too much away, but it looks like basketball mode, with its horizontal and slightly raised 'goal', will require a lot more aerial skill from players.

Rocket League has released new game modes before - in December, the 'Snow Day' add-on came out, replacing the ball with a hockey puck and covering the field with a thick layer of ice.

It's not clear exactly when the mode will come out, but Psyonix said it was linked to the upcoming March Madness basketball tournament.

The first round begins on 15 March, so expect it to arrive sooner rather than later.