‘Is This The Next?’ site shows rumours spread in advance of the launch – many of which have been encouraged by sources close to the company, and are likely to be some indication of what Monday’s launch will contain

Samsung has set up a site mocking and apparently encouraging rumours about its new Galaxy S6 flagship phone.

While the page does not comment on any of the rumours, they have all either been mentioned heavily before or are in line with those found on competitors’ phones. The rumours are likely to at least indicate what will be contained in Monday’s launch event.

A page mocking the rumours of a three-sided screen

Alongside the images, Samsung features pictures of mocked-up versions of what the rumours could mean, such as a phone sat on a pillow to illustrate a rumour about it being durable.

The page details four rumours: that the phone will have forward facing stereo speakers, that it will be “durable”, that the screen will reach onto three sides and that it will have a bigger display. All the rumours are believable, and chime with those heard from credible sourced in the run-up to the announcement of the phone.

One of the pages on the site, which seems to both mock and confirm rumours about the new phone

Most of those rumours have been started or encouraged by Samsung and companies that it works with. The three-sided screen and metal body, for instance, were both all but confirmed when the CEO of T-Mobile tweeted a link to the network’s page for the phone yesterday.

At the end of the list of rumours, the company gives a countdown to the announcement of the handset. It will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress on Monday evening.

Samsung’s “Unpacked” event is set to begin at 5.30GMT. The company will live stream the presentation.