Samsung Galaxy S6 specs: New flagship phone will have curved screens on three sides

New flagship phones expected to be revealed on March 1

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Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 is expected to have screens covering the sides that will curve round to cover three of the four sides.

The new flagship phone is expected to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Samsung’s event is scheduled for March 1.

Samsung uses a curved screen on its Galaxy Note Edge, where it bends around just one corner. That screen works like a “ticker”, the company has said, with users able to have notifications displayed down the side.

The new phone will also allow users to add favourite contacts and other important shortcuts to the screen on the side, allowing users to quickly access them.

The company will release two versions of the phone, one of which will feature the curved screen, according to a Bloomberg report. Both will have metal bodies and 5.1 inch screens, as revealed in previous leaks.

The phones are also set to feature a 50% faster CPU and a 20 megapixel camera. Its battery might be able to last for four hours on just a 10 minute charge, and it will be able to be recharged using wireless technology, according to reports.

The three-sided screen could also be a part of the mysterious bulge seen on the silver line in the invites to the event, which it has been speculated could be a reference towards a curved screen or the return of the “chin” that used to jut out the bottom of many phones.