Samsung Galaxy S7: New phone to have pressure-sensitive display like iPhone 6s 3D touch, report says

The new phone is set to be launched in March, earlier than normal, and the changes from the S6 will be relatively small

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The Samsung Galaxy S7’s headline feature could be the same as that in the iPhone 6s.

The new phone could include a pressure-sensitive display like the one that powers the “3D Touch” display in the iPhone 6s, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.

The phone could also integrate the new USB C standard. That charging port — which is already found in some phones such as Google’s Nexus line — allows devices to charge much more quickly and can also go into the phone either way.

Otherwise the phone is likely to keep most of the same features as its predecessor, the Galaxy S6. Like that phone, Samsung will also release a slightly more premium version named Edge, which will have a screen that goes further around the edges.

Some versions of the phone might feature a retina scanner, which would aim to examine people’s eyes and check whether they should be given access to the handset.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was greeted with little interest, and was widely derided as a flop. The S6 had much better reviews, but sold fewer than expected and led to the second year in a row that Samsung’s mobile division reported a loss.

The new phone is set to be released in March. But it may be pushed forward to January, earlier than it normally is, apparently in an attempt to build momentum before the new iPhone is launched.

That March release date might put it in competition with the next big Apple event, which is rumoured to be scheduled for March. At that event, Apple is expected to show the new, smaller iPhone 6c as well as the second-generation Apple Watch.