Samsung Galaxy S7: Specs leaked on benchmarking site suggest new flagship has Exynos 8890 processor

The leak shows one model of the upcoming flagship phone could use Samsung's own Exynos 8890 processor

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New processor specs for Samsung's new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7, appear to have been leaked on a tech website.

The specs were first spotted on the website of AnTuTu, a 'benchmarking' software that hardware designers and computer enthusiasts use to check the processor speed of their devices.

Earlier this month, another benchmark test popped up in AnTuTu's database that showed what looked like a version of the Galaxy S7 using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor.

However, this latest leaked benchmark showed that the model tested, codenamed SM-G930F, was using an Exynos 8890 processor, a new chip developed by Samsung themselves.

The new benchmark also confirmed some other specs for the new phone that have been going round for some time - like the older benchmark, it mentioned a 5.1-inch screen, a 12 megapixel rear camera (and a 5 megapixel one on the front), 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, which will be expandable with the S7's SD card slot.

The reasons for these conflicting benchmark reports aren't quite clear - although as previously rumoured, it's believed that different mobile networks will receive S7 models with different processors.

The new models of the Galaxy S7 are expected to be unveiled in the next few weeks, so we'll have to wait until February to learn the final specs.