Samsung Galaxy S7 teardown offers detailed look at the flagship smartphone

Samsung explains the phones' liquid cooling pipes in the detailed teardown

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Samsung has posted a 'teardown' of the new Galaxy S7 smartphones on its website, revealing the internals of the highly-praised devices.

The phone has only been out for a few days, but already curious techies have started tearing into it to get a first-hand look at its insides and specs.

Possibly in order to dispel some of their claims, Samsung has given its own detailed explanation of its structure.

Samsung explained how the S7's cooling pipe works (Pic: Samsung)

One of the main points concerns the phone's 'liquid cooling' pipe, a feature more commonly seen in high-end PCs, which is used to keep everything running smoothly during processor-heavy tasks like gaming.

One YouTuber, JerryRigEverything, sliced into the cooling pipe to find there wasn't any liquid, casting doubt on Samsung's claims.

However, Samsung cleared things up - the pipe contains a fluid which evaporates when it comes near the hot processor. The vapour then moves down the pipe to the cooler end, where it is absorbed by a metal mesh 'wick', and flows back to the hot end.

The company also explains the phone's metal bracket, a kind of internal chassis which keeps it strong without adding too much weight or bulk.

There's also an "exclusive type of water protective tape" on the front and rear glass to keep everything sealed up and IP68 water-resistant.

The teardown is filled with lots of pictures of motherboards, camera sensors and batteries - it'll be a useful resource for the people who are really interested in the electronics inside their new phone, and should prevent the rest of us cracking open our £600 devices out sheer curiousity.