Two men were shown 'humiliating' the woman who attempted to fight back in the social media video / Getty Images

The app was hit by one of the worst outages in its history just months ago

Snapchat is down, leaving many people unable to send messages or to open the app at all.

Reports are surging on social media that many people are not able to get into the app, or that certain parts of it are not working. It appears to be fixed for some users, however – The Independent was able to use the app from the UK.

The outage comes just weeks after a major outage that took Snapchat down for almost a day. The problems that time appear to have been caused by the Google services that the app relies on to work.

The outage particularly struck those across Europe and the UK, according to the Down Detector website. Reports were less concentrated in the US, and almost non-existent in Asia, though that may be because the app tends to be used in the evening.

A range of problems were reported, from not being able to open the app at all to not being able to open or send particular snaps.