Backers who pledge £17 or more will receive a prototype version of the keyboard / HashKey/Kickstarter

Inventor says he was tired of people asking him where the hashtag key is

Despite the hashtag being one of the most popular characters on social media, there is no key on Mac keyboards to type one. Until now.

Ben Gomori is raising funds on Kickstarter to create the HashKey, a dedicated one-key keyboard that can only type the hashtag.

Without the HashKey, Mac users have to hold down two keys (option and 3). Gomori said that he and his girlfriend, who both work in social media, were tired of being asked where the hashtag key was on keyboards, and “thought it was finally time to do something about it”.

The HashKey plugs in through USB and has the same brushed aluminium look as Apple’s laptops.

HashKey has support from Chris Messina, the Twitter engineer who invented the hashtag and was the first to use it on Twitter. “This is… #awesome! I love it!” he said.

Gomori says that it is the first time that anyone has created a one-key keyboard.

On Tuesday morning the project had raised £800 of its £15,000 goal.

Rewards for backers begin with a shoutout on Twitter, and go up to a bespoke music track produced by the HashKey’s inventor, for backers that pledge £300 or more. All backers who pledge £17 or more will receive one of the keyboards.