Sony has announced the pending release of its new motion controller for the PlayStation 3 video game console.

The controller, a prototype of which Sony unveiled in June, will work with the existing PlayStation Eye camera, which can track players' voices, faces and body motion.

The controller, in turn, has on its end a light-emitting sphere that can be recognized by the PlayStation Eye camera.

Sony did not name a specific date, just 'US spring,' and has not yet said how much the controller will cost.

Motion controllers let people play video games without complex buttons and levers. They were popularized by Nintendo's Wii when the console launched in 2006.

Now Sony is pushing past that technology, as is Microsoft with its own motion control device, "Project Natal."

Natal, which combines a camera, depth sensor, microphone and processor, eliminates the need for any button-mashing device. Microsoft has not yet set a release date for Natal.

Sony's announcement came in the heels of Nintendo's decision to cut the price of the Wii by $50, to $200.

The price cut comes just ahead of big game releases for Nintendo — "Wii Fit-Plus" on October 4 and the multiplayer "New Super Mario Bros." for the Wii on November 15.