Like Google Glass, the SmartEyeglass will show notifications and other information on a built-in screen, using an internet connection

Sony has launched a pair of smart glasses, just as Google is deciding what to do with its own connected eyewear.

The SmartEyeglass, made by Sony, will be available from March 10 in the UK as well as Japan, Germany and the US. It will cost €670.

Sony’s launch comes weeks after Google halted sales of Glass, taking the product out of its experimental stage but making no clear commitment to start re-selling it. Glass’s cancellation came amid much speculation about whether consumers would ever take to smart glasses worn on the face.

Sony’s glasses offer much the same features as Google’s. They connect with Android smartphones, and the show text, images and information on a small built-in screen, superimposed over the real view.

They are built into a slightly less obvious pair of glasses. Where Google’s eyewear had much of the computer components built into a box on the side of the frame, Sony’s glasses are bigger and wraparound the face.

The company will release a new version of its kit that allows software developers to make apps for the glasses.

As well as displaying images and texts, apps can receive information from the phone such as geographical location and inputs.

Developers have made a range of apps for Google Glass — mostly using the screen as a way of displaying notifications, similar to smart watches — but development has mostly lagged behind expectations  as the glasses have failed to take off.