Sparkling sapphire crystals adorn feature-rich luxury phone

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Canadian-based luxury phone maker Mobiado introduced their Classic 712ZAF mobile phone on January 26, blending haute-couture design with cutting-edge technology.

Sapphire crystals can be seen glimmering on the phone's exterior while the polished and anodized aluminium frame protects the device from everyday bumps and scratches.

Additional talking points include the phone's illuminating sapphire crystal button for the selection key, Mobiado's iconic logo precision machine engraved into the device's body and the large sapphire crystal plates that have been inset into the aluminium body.

The Classic 712ZAF caters to those who want more than just good looks on their mobile device with a a 2.2 QVGA display, 5 megapixel camera for photos and videos, flash, integrated GPS, web browser, email support and a native music player.

The phone is available in six colors, will work with any GSM network operator and comes unlocked from any network.

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