Spotify launches chart of friends' favourite tracks

Yet another way of discovering music on the streaming site

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Spotify has introduced a new chart that will be made up of your friends' favourite songs.

There will be able to see a chart of the songs that your friends are listening to most, refreshed daily, as well as a new view that will show which of your friends have been listening to certain albums as you click through them.

The updated album and artist pages are already available on the desktop app, and will appear on Android and iOS soon. The chart is available on mobile and is making its way to desktop.

The chart, called ‘Top Tracks in Your Network’, is the latest way that Spotify will recommend music to you — joining recommendations based on your previous listening habits and those spawned by apps, and more.

It is another part of the company’s drive towards sharing your listening on social networks, helped out by a tie-up with Facebook that Spotify has had for some time.

“Discovering music through friends has always been core to what we do at Spotify,” said Charlie Hellman, vice president of product at Spotify.   “One out of every five Spotify streams comes from a user listening to another user’s music, whether that’s checking out an artist you saw your friend listening to, or seeing that your gym buddy has created the perfect workout playlist.”