Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is? Well, I don’t know about the precise location of the first cuckoo of 2013, but I do know where all the blossom is... on Instagram. The photo-sharing social network has become the new harbinger of the season, with everyone uploading pictures of trees in bloom.

It’s easy to snark about hundreds of folk pumping out the same snaps online, but  it’s actually rather charming that everyone is so excited about spring.

I count myself among the excited – at the weekend, I spotted my first tree dotted with pink petals (petals! BLOSSOM! IT’S SPRINNNNG!!!) and took a photo on my iPhone. Wandering past an hour later, I saw someone taking the exact same picture. I managed to fight the urge to get it online, but I’m pretty sure I spotted my fellow blossom-fan’s shot...