The re-worked Tube map posted on Reddit / Reddit/Natural Beats


He's known for jumping into pipes and climbing up mysterious ladders to new and exciting lands, but Mario's next mission may take him underground.

A user on the social news site Reddit, known only as 'NaturalBeats,' has refashioned the London Underground map as if created for Nintendo’s popular Super Mario video game series.

All of the central London lines in Zone One are featured, with a variety of unique Mario adaptations to make the video game characters feel at home.

The infamous green pipes signal the option to travel to ‘another realm’ at stations with mainline National Rail connections, whilst castles symbolise interchanges for tube lines and riverboat docks are highlighted by small jetties.

If you're keen-eyed, you will also spot a number of the different characters from Mario's universe carefully traversing London’s Tube network.

The map isn't quite perfect though – both the Overground and DLR are absent from this network. Nonetheless, this map will certainly bemuse commuters who already feel they are sucked into a surreal subterranean world any time they travel by underground.

Similar versions of the new map also exist for both Washington and Chicago metro systems.

Mario's brother Luigi stars in his latest outing this month, in new video game Luigi's Mansion 2.