Tesla's roadster, in a dealership / Getty Images

Company’s issues delayed release of updated car — but it’s set to happen this week

Elon Musk’s Tesla is set to reveal an update version of its sporty electric car, the Roadster, this week.

CEO Musk replied to a comment about the car on Friday saying that an update would come ‘next week’ — though Christmas could intrude on any announcement.

The Roadster update had been expected earlier, after originally having been mentioned in June, but Musk said that problems had delayed it. “Several crisis issues w[ith] higher priority pushed this out longer than expected,” Musk said.

Tesla’s problems have included the explosion of one of its rockets in summer.

Tesla’s Lotus-based Roadster was its first production car. It was unveiled in 2006 and hit the roads of the UK in January 2010. But supplies have run out and production has ended.

Musk has said little about what the revived Roadster could look like — and when mentioning it in June only said that the company would do “something cool” with the model.

Elsewhere, Musk has said that the car would get an upgraded battery.