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Virtual reality headsets are used to give potential recruits a taste of life in the Reserves

The British Army is using Oculus Rift as part of a new campaign that virtually puts potential recruits in the middle of a firing range.

A video created by a specialist software firm gives people a taste of life in the army, as part of a new campaign to recruit Army Reserves.

Army recruiters showed off the kit in London’s Waterloo Station last week, where anyone could put the headset on and virtually be part of the training exercise. The video was mostly uneventful — two Challenger 2 tanks drive along, one of which you’re sat on top of, and shoot across the plain — but very immersive.

Potential recruits sat in an army Land Rover, watched the video and tried not to get too into the video as swarms of commuters walked through the station.

The video was developed by specialist firm Visualise.

The campaign was launched with a 2D video, too, which will be shown on TV nationwide.