Spotify has arrived on PlayStation / Sony

It's been dubbed 'PlayStation Music'

Spotify is coming to your PlayStation.

Sony today announced its 'PlayStation Music' collaboration with Spotify will today be made available on PS3s and PS4s around the world.

The app will automatically be downloaded when your turn on your console, and - as with Spotify on all other devices - you don't need to pay unless you opt for the ad-free premium edition.

It's quite a bit like the desktop version of Spotify, with playlist-making and song recommendations. The new interface has apparently been designed for users who listen to background music as they talk with their friends.


The best feature allows users to choose their own soundtrack. In-game music will be replaced with the tunes of your choice, but the dialogue and noises will work same as before.

If you hold down the PlayStation button on the DualShock 4 controller and bring up a mini music menu, which allows you to change song without quitting the game.

And you can control the PlayStation app via the Spotify Connect feature on Android/iOS app - selecting and skipping songs, fixing the volume etc.

There are also plans for Spotify on Xperia smartphones and tablets, but there's not yet an indication as to when that'll arrive.