The week’s high-tech product releases: FlipShare TV, LaCie Network Space 2

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High-tech product releases announced the week of December 2 include a designer hard drive, a device for video sharing, a watch phone with a touch screen, a digital magnifier for the visually impaired and two fashion phones from Samsung.

LaCie Network Space 2 HD
The Network Space 2 is the latest designer-created Hard Drive from LaCie. The device gets its streamlined design from Scottish-born product designer Neil Poulton. The network-attached storage and media server comes in 1 or 2 Terabyte configurations and provides simple, user-friendly access to stored data. The HD is priced at £154.99 and comes in black.

FlipShare TV
FlipShare TV is a new device that enables home video-sharing. Made by the same company that created the Flip Video ultra portable camcorders, FlipShare TV gives people the ability to watch their Flip videos and photos on their TV - without the need for messy cables. Photos and videos are streamed wirelessly from the USB key that plugs into your laptop to the set-top box that connects to your TV. The device is priced at $149.99 and can be purchased online from or from major online retailers.

Phenom Watch Phone
The Dream is a James Bond-worth watch phone made by Phenom that comes complete with a full-color touch screen and external key pad. The quad-band, dual SIM cell phone watch can play MP3 music files and videos on its compact 1.3 inch screen and built-in speakers. It can also record videos, take photos, record voice messages or can be used in conjunction with a miniature stylus as a portable note taker. The device comes unlocked and is priced at $395 for the holidays (with a normal retail price of $495.

Optelec FarView with designer skins
The Optelec FarView is a handheld digital magnifying device for the visually impaired. The device can be used to enlarge the size of hard-to-read text at a distance or for close-up viewing. The FarView can be used to capture still images or for real-time viewing. Once captured, still images can be magnified (up to 42X) and studied in detail, while the real-time magnification is beneficial for on-the-go reading. There is enough onboard memory to store up to 100 images. For the Christmas holidays, Optelec has teamed up with ShopLowVision to release a range of 10 colorful skins that can be purchased to customize the Optelec device. The Optelec FarView sells for $1,495 and individual skins can be purchased for $14.95.

Samsung Player One Hello Kitty edition
The Samsung Player One Hello Kitty edition is the first touch screen Hello Kitty mobile phone. The phone ships with a 3" touch screen that can be personalized with the 10 different Hello Kitty home screens that come standard on the device. Other features include a 3.2 megapixel camera, video capture, MP3 player and 95 MB of onboard memory that can be expanded up to 8GB with the MicroSD slot. The Hello Kitty Player One comes in white and pink and sells for €219 without a contract.

Samsung Player Style i CERRUTI edition
Samsung has teamed up with Paris-based luxury fashion brand Cerruti 1881 to release the Samsung Player Style i CERRUTI edition. The phone ships with a 2.8 inch touch screen, is equipped with 3G and can be customized with 15 different exclusive Cerruti screensavers. There is a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, image stabilizer and flash as well as Bluetooth, email and a MicroSD slot. The phone sells for €1 with a two year contract.