Yo dawg, we put a yacht in your yacht so you can sail while you sail

This image has been viewed 3 million times since it was posted on Imgur yesterday, quite perfectly summing up the immense wealth of the 1%.

We've all been there. You're sailing in your yacht but it's just too big and luxurious for little inlets, leaving you puzzled as to how you can get closer to land to laugh at the poor people on the shore.

Fortunately, the 196-foot J'ade from CRN comes with a hydraulic-powered hatch that can deploy a smaller but similarly opulent boat.


An image of it being parked in the hatch, which can also be filled with 18,000 litres of water and used as an indoor ocean pool, was strapped with the line 'While the middle class blame the poor, I'm going to park my boat, in my boat' and the meme was quickly shared like wildfire.

Also featuring a gym, hammam room and aquarium, the yacht is priced at €48 million.

Here's some bonus pictures, why not.