'It's 12:03pm and I miss you'

There's something Orwellian about Twitter's vastness and the fact that you can search for something nonsensical like 'purple investigation' or 'bemused squid' and there will be multiple people out there tweeting about it.

Alltheminutes.com has put its sense of completeness to good use, telling the time through tweets about each minute of the day.

They change at 5 second intervals, all from different days, months and years, but all marking the same minute of their respective days.

I've stared at it for about 15 minutes now and it actually makes quite depressing reading, with people usually marking the time in relation to how bored or angry they are.

"It's 10:05 am and I'm wathcing project runway with ny mum what" (sic) writes one user, "It's 10:06 am and some lady is yelling at me bc she doesn't like the way our sprite tastes" (sic) laments another.

"It’s interesting to us that these days people choose to speak about exact minutes in relation to their lives," said the website's creator, Jonathon Puckey. "Almost as if they could be doing something different every minute."