Tis the season!: Google marks holidays season with third festive Doodle accompanied by playful video

This week, the search engine has replaced its logo with children on a sleigh, and a man carry presents through the snow

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Google has celebrated the 2014 holiday season with its third in a series of Doodles, accompanied by a festive video.

The doodle features a leaf-green door, with the search engine’s logo emblazoned across a banner decorated with a poinsettia, red missletoe, and fir branches.

On the tech giant’s Google Doodle page, users can watch a special cartoon which reflects the good-will of the holiday season.

The video starts with a woman leaving a leaf-green door with a suitcase in hand, before she transforms in to a skater with a backpack. In turn, the skater turns into a woman negotiating a snow forest on a Segway.


A woman riding a bike by a idyllic lake, a man on a ski mobile, a family enjoying a trip on a ski lift, a dare-devil snowboarder and a fisherman on a stormy sea all appear in the cartoon.

The feel-good animation also shows a commuter helping a stranger who is struggling with her gifts on the train, and ends with an elderly man preparing to give his dog a bone as the creature sleeps near a roaring fire.

On the Google Doodle page, Doodle creator, or ‘doodler’, Matt Cruickshank explained that he wanted to celebrate how people travel during the holidays, and chose suitcases and backpacks as his motif.

“I set about creating multiple people that transform and adapt to their surroundings. It's a “door to door journey” seen through many eyes," he said.

Graphics-geeks can also explore the initial designs, test animations and looped gifs of the characters in the animation on the Google Doodle website.