The gaming videos most watched by YouTube users in last week include a trailer and commentary from the producer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2's PC version, a British celebrity trying out Microsoft's new motion-sensing peripheral NATAL, and the Machinima Channel interspersing their Modern Warfare 2 videos with some BioShock 2.

Top 10 YouTube gaming videos on Wednesday March 3 at 11:30 am GMT

1) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC walkthough trailer - 531,195 total views
The producer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2's PC version talks through some of the game's PC-specific perks such as enhanced multiplayer options and player numbers, a tweaked user interface, and various graphical customizations including possible modifications to players' field of view and the use of multiple monitors.

2) The Pro: Xbox Live moderator abuses his power - 449,198 total views
What appears to be a cleverly edited video alleges that one of Microsoft Xbox Live's moderators behaved unreasonably when enforcing the company's online terms of service. Respected video game news site Joystiq on February 22 confirmed that the banned users had been hacking the game.

3) Project NATAL playtest 1 - 222,855 total views
As confirmed by British TV and radio personality Jonathan Ross, this is footage of him trying out the Xbox 360's new motion-sensing technology as recorded and uploaded by his son. Ross commented via his Twitter account "if they get it's the limit."

4) Orca a Baleia assassina mata treinadora - 240,607 total views
Misclassified in YouTube's Gaming category, this video's title is entirely misleading: "Orca kills trainer during show's fatal attack," as is the description. General footage of orcas and trainers does highlight Dawn Brancheau's work at SeaWorld Orlando but the purpose of the montage appears to be the diversion of viewers towards a film trailer. Comments were disabled but some viewers have complained on the channel's profile page.

5) Celebrity Magic 8-Ball INTERACTIVE! - 288,006 total views
A simple concept - pop songstress Lady Gaga now possesses a mysterious power: the answer to any question. Thinking of a question and clicking inside a see-through square surrounding her hand leads to one of 20 or so celebrities-of-the-moment responding with a yes or no answer.

6) Modern Warfare 2: WingsOfRedemption Full Metal Jacket - 211,754 total views
The Machinima channel presents YouTube user WingsOfRedemption guiding players through his tips and techniques for gaining adavantage in Modern Warfare 2. This video shows how to effectively use the Full Metal Jacket weapon attachment in unlocking the Extended Magazines feature for other weapons.

7) BioShock 2: Camp Hutch - Pyro and BioShock 2 FTW!! - 182,615 total views
Hutch of Machinima Respawn channel chats with Northern Irish chap Paul (aka Pyropuncher), discussing BioShock 2's online multiplayer. Hutch and Pyro are impressed by the game's team-based mechanic, its unlockable weapon and accessory combinations, and its sturdy online coding allowing truly international matches.

8) Modern Warfare 2: Tejb's FFA Intervention Pwnage - 200,677 total views
The quick-witted Swedish Modern Warfare 2 player Tejb talks viewers through another of his gameplay videos, covering the joy of using sniper rifles without zooming in and the importance of taking time to stay in touch with real-world girls, even in the midst of a hectic round of Free For All.

9) "Be the envy of the Gods" sweepstakes - 163,464 total views
A video from PlayStation's official YouTube channel to promote some of the pre-order incentives available to those that put down money at the GameStop retail chain for PlayStation 3 game God of War III. This one offers the chance to win a "VIP experience at a premier music festival."

10) Professor Putricide Hardmode 25 By Paragon - 163,013 total views
Twenty-five World of Warcraft players from the Paragon clan take down Professor Putricide, one of five bosses found in the newer Plagueworks area of the game. Playing with 25 team members ramps up the task's toughness, as does adjusting the difficulty level to Heroic.