The top 10 gaming videos watched by YouTube users in the last week include the YouTube leveraging Celebrity Magic 8-ball game, plenty of Modern Warfare 2 videos, and new kid on the first-person-shooter block, Modern Warfare 2.

Top 10 YouTube gaming videos on Wednesday March 10 at 18:30pm GMT

1) Celebrity Magic 8-Ball INTERACTIVE! - 362,283 total views
A simple concept - Lady Gaga possesses a mysterious power: the answer to any question. Thinking of a question and clicking inside a see-through square surrounding her hand leads to one of twenty or so celebrities-of-the-moment responding with a yes or no answer.

2) Modern Warfare 2: WingsOfRedemption 7.62 mm FMJ - 227,675 total views
The Machinima channel present YouTube user WingsOfRedemption guiding players through his tips and techniques for gaining adavantage in Modern Warfare 2. This video shows how to effectively use the Full Metal Jacket weapon attachment in unlocking the Extended Magazines feature for other weapons.

3) Modern Warfare 2: Tejb's FFA Intervention Pwnage - 320,273 total views
The quick-witted Swedish Modern Warfare 2 player Tejb talks viewers through another of his gameplay videos, covering the joy of using sniper rifles without zooming in and the importance of taking time to stay in touch with real world girls, even in the midst of a hectic round of Free For All.

4) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Day 1 Map Pack Trailer - 283,682 views
A trailer from Electronic Arts previewing the two downloadable extra maps for Bad Company 2's multiplayer mode. The maps are free to console players if they buy the game first hand. All PC players obtain the maps gratuit via game updates.

5) BioShock 2: Camp Hutch - Pyro and BioShock 2 FTW!! - 207,874 total views
Hutch of Machinima Respawn channel chats with Northern Irish chap Paul (aka Pyropuncher), discussing BioShock 2's online multiplayer. Hutch and Pyro are impressed by the game's team-based mechanic, its unlockable weapon and accessory combinations, and its sturdy online coding allowing truly international matches.

6) Modern Warfare 2: Ten FTW Throwing Knife Kills - 227,600 total views
Ten skillful (or lucky) shots with Modern Warware 2's throwing knife weapon. More than a few speculative hurls are mixed in with some quick thinking and precise slices.

7) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 TV Commercial - 268,265 total views
Electronic Arts present their TV spot for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, showing off the games' tanks, buggies, trucks, helicopters, footsoldiers and not forgetting the video game staple, exploding barrels.

8) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review - 239,898 total views
Video game review site IGN cast their eye over the week's biggest release. The site praise "crazy amounts of action", a graphical engine that's "very impressive", and a varied multiplayer mode which is "a legitimate contender to Modern Warfare 2's throne" with a strong emphasis on team play rather than running around as a lone wolf.

9) Modern Warfare 2: ONLYUSEmeBLADE' s Memento Style - 203,103 total views
Christopher Nolan's innovatively edited film Memento is paid homage to by MW2 player ONLYUSEmeBLADE who, though expressing a fondness for bladed weapons, is adept with other weaponry options. Prepare to experience feelings of deja vu with certain scenes and phrases repeating.

10) ONLYUSEmeBLADE's Complaining about Complainers - 210,774 total views
OUmB chats about counteracting various derided aspects of the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer such as the use of air support, heartbeat sensors, cheats and hackers, sniper rifles, and grenade launchers (also known as "noob tubes", ie. used by unskilled newcomers).