A research suggests that Pinterest has lost three million monthly users since March / AFP


In the media's rush to find the next big thing in social networking, online pinboard Pinterest has received plenty of attention.

But according to recent research by AppData, web users could now be suffering from a lack of Pinterest.

The site allows people to share things that interest them, and allows users to follow those who post things they like.

Small animals, constrast-y food photography and mildly diverting motivational maxims are the mainstays.

The research suggests, however, that the site lost three million monthly users since the beginning of March.

Some in the tech press put it down to people trying it and then disconnecting, others that it's losing its hipster following due to it becoming too mainstream. But the most successful networking sites usually build a core audience before the mainstream media catches up. And although a 25 per cent drop in users sounds bad, it still means that it boasts 8.3 million "active users" each month. So it seems likely that the stream of pictures of soft furnishings will keep people Pinterested for at least some time to come.