Some of us meet our partners in boozy bars, others come together over art or books – and some, this St Valentine's Day, will be drawn, magnet-like, to their future bit of stuff's electronic device.

Or at least that's the thinking behind American dating website Cupidtino, which has just launched a new app for lovelorn iPhone owners. And only an iPhone (or iPad or iPod) will do. Lonely hearts looking to meet their future Mr or Mrs Right at Cupidtino have to be confirmed Apple users (so strict are the creators that you can't even access the web page if you aren't tappin' away on one of Job's creations).

How does the site – which takes its name from an amalgamation of cupid and Cupertino, Apple's Californian headquarters – work, then? Instead of the standard questions, it gets straight in there with "What's your ideal iTunes playlist?" or the lothario's favourite, "What's in your Netflix queue?", on the basis of which you and your profile then get a score for overall "Appleness", which you can compare and contrast with future mates.

So come on, lonely-hearted Mac addicts, check it out, you might find some iLove... or maybe just someone to have a fruity encounter with.