Trendwatch: Ten technologies to watch in 2010

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Market researcher Gartner has pinpointed the top ten technologies companies should watch in 2010.

The list includes cloud computing, advanced analytics, client computing, IT for green, reshaping the data center, social computing, security, Flash memory, vitalization for availability and mobile applications.

"Companies should factor the top 10 technologies into their strategic planning process by asking key questions and making deliberate decisions about them during the next two years," said David Cearley, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. "However, this does not necessarily mean adoption and investment in all of the technologies. They should determine which technologies will help and transform their individual business initiatives."

Many of the technologies will help businesses become more cost efficient while others will drive them to become more responsible for their actions.

Consumers will benefit from the adoption of these technologies too.

There is a strong trend towards the integration of social networks and the development of mobile applications (which includes a separate review process) within the business structure.

Companies that adopt these technologies will find they have to pay close attention to their customer's needs and wants or risk having a mob of angry blog-posters. And as has been evidenced on microblogging site Twitter - news travels quickly, especially when it is bad.