The latest and most ridiculous internet craze to emerge involves teenagers posting photographs of themselves falling down the stairs

Ahhh social media: the world's finest collection of photographs tagged in the category known as stupid.

The latest ridiculous internet craze to emerge on the micro-blogging site Twitter involves people - mostly teenagers - posting photographs of themselves either falling, or having fallen, down the stairs.

The trend, which has been dubbed 'Twipping' by some was first spotted by the website who began a collection of pictures of people tweeting about how they have just fallen down stairs.

The daft but entertaining images show people lying on the ground post-fall or even managing to snap themselves as they are falling - capturing their 'blurred, horrified face' as they tumble, the website says.

The site also points out that if you're in search of some other examples of people displaying their stupid a search for "spilled on my" uncovers further gold.

Whereas in the past the act of tripping over something, falling down something or spilling something on one's person was a cause for great shame and embarrassment, the new trend would appear to be to advertise it.

Thank you internet and remember... not try this at home.


Sidney Overbyy/Twitter

Stephanie Parkk/Twitter