Twitter users can now share the lists of users they block

The feature is Twitter's latest attempt to tackle trolls

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In its latest bid to stop trolls, Twitter is allowing users to create a public list of abusive accounts they have blocked.

Users are now able to export their own blocklists, or import other people's – making it easier to expose users who are potentially offensive, aggressive, or just downright annoying.

To retrieve the list or import another user’s, people must visit the settings area on, select the advance options menu, and click import or export from the dropdown menu.  

The move will likely be welcomed by communities who are often targeted by Twitter trolls, such as feminists and LGBT people.

Last month, Twitter trolls caused outrage by paying to use the service's promoted tweets function to spread a message attacking trans people.

Trolls impersonating Australian activist and feminist Caitlin Roper used the advertising service on Wednesday to spread an offensive tweet calling on trans people to kill themselves.

The account has since been suspended and the tweet removed, The Guardian reported at the time.

Twitter also recently introduced a new feature allowing its verified users to only see “high quality” tweets and turn off abuse.

The website has made a concerted effort to tackle abuse, after a memo leaked earlier this year showed its CEO telling staff that "We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls".

It has since added features to allow users to more easily report abuse, and has committed to acting more quickly to shut down users that do so.