Twitter will show paid-for promoted tweets on other websites

Ads compared to embedded tweets, which can be added to any website

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Twitter will show its paid-for promoted tweets across the internet, on sites that are not part of the microblogging service.

The advertising posts will now be able to be featured on the Flipboard news site and Yahoo! Japan, with further partnerships expected in the future.

The company compares the service to the way that it allows normal tweets to be embedded in any website. That allows them to be shared elsewhere, including any embedded photos or links, but remain as part of Twitter.

Ads will now be able to embedded in the same way — so that a company may run a campaign of promoted tweets on Twitter, and also embed the tweets into apps like Flipboard.

In the third quarter there were around 185 billion tweet impressions that were seen this way, says the company.

When the tweets are embedded, they feature a small “Ads by” and the Twitter logo. But otherwise they are integrated into the look and feel of the site. Flipboard already supports the embedding of tweets, and the ads will be integrated in the same way.