The iPhone 6 on the edge of space

It turns out that an iPhone can survive almost anything

If you think you’ve dropped your iPhone from some pretty high places, then it’s nothing compared to this.

Here is the moment an iPhone 6 was launched into space. With the aid of a GoPro camera, an air balloon and some nifty GPS technology, the latest offering from Apple soared 100,000ft through the stratosphere and to the edge of space.

The device managed to survive freezing temperatures of -55C and speeds of up to 70mph as it flew into the air and parachuted back down to Earth – all without a scratch on it. Admittedly, the battery died during the sub-zero temperatures but the phone was fully functional once it was charged.

The test was carried out by Urban Armour Gear to demonstrate their latest iPhone case back in November last year but the company only shared the video recently.

The launch and landing took place at Chirk Castle, in the middle of the quiet English countryside. Apart from a bumpy landing that broke the rig the phone was attached to, it seems that the iPhone case is pretty darn sturdy. Perhaps the iPhone can survive almost anything, after all.