GoPro videos can be broadcast using Livestream app / Youtube

Extreme sports and everything else can now be live broadcast via your phone’s 4G

GoPro fanatics can use the new, improved iOS Livestream app to showcase their best videos.

With the updated Livestream app, GoPro cameras with built in WiFi can connect to a smartphone’s 4G network and serve to broadcast whatever’s happening on the other side of the lens.

The quality of the stream doesn’t match the 1080 pixel camera but that’s on account of the internet connection.

Livestream demonstrated the new function with a video of a presumable extreme sports and GoPro enthusiast streaming his kitesurfing adventures off the coast of Coney Island in New York City.

iPhone-GoPro compatibility has been long-awaited, with “hundreds of requests” submitted, according to CNET

As the preferred camera of daredevils and adrenaline junkies, GoPro Livestream promises to witness some stellar stunts, and capture some astonishing footage.

Livestream bragged that extreme sports athlete Chris McDougall (above) will test the app as he base jumps in Switzerland.


With over 6,000 new Youtube videos tagged ‘GoPro’ every day, the camera service is legitimate phenomenon.

It was valued at £1.7 billion at the time of its IPO in June, but that grew 283% to £7.1 billion. It’s value crashed a bit last week when its founder Nick Woodman donated millions of shares to a charitable group run by him and his wife.

The drop of 6% raised some eyebrows, but the company looks set to endure.