The Rosetta probe / ESA

Watch live coverage of the comet landing

The European Space Agency (ESA) is hoping to make history today by attempting to land the Rosetta satellite's Philae probe on a comet.

According to the ESA's website, the probe will be launched at 9.03 (GMT) and it will take seven hours for the probe to reach its destination at around 16.02.

The ESA's team based in Darmstadt, Germany is overseeing the operation, which has been described by the US project manager Art Chmielewski as "one of the hardest things that has ever been done by the human species".

Watch the live feed

Once it lands on the comet, the Philae probe will secure itself to the surface of the comet using screws and harpoons.

There is a possibility that the probe could collide with cliffs but the mission manager Fred Jansen says that despite the risks, there is still a 75 per cent success ratio rate. 

If the mission is successful, it will be the first time a robot has landed on a comet.

Video courtesy of the Open University