This is Space X's Falcon 9's 16th launch / Space X

The satellites are the first electric satellites to be sent to space that do not require liquid fuel

A spectacular video has captured the successful launch of Space X’s commercial rocket Falcon 9 as it transported two commercial satellites above the earth’s atmosphere.

The rocket was launched from Space X’s Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 40 on Sunday night and is set to deliver two all-electric satellites for French-based satellite provider Eutelsat and an Asia Broadcast satellite above the earth's atmosphere before falling back down to earth for a soft landing into the sea.

The latest launch marks the 16th launch of Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket and is another success for Elon Musk’s aerospace engineering company that last September signed a contract with Nasa to design and supply spacecraft capable of supplying the International Space Station (ISS). SpaceX harbours plans to create the first fully reusable rockets, which they say that will make space travel significantly cheaper.

The satellites transported on Sunday were made by Boeing and were unique in the fact that they are the first ever all-electrical satellites, meaning that they do require store liquid fuel, making them much lighter in weight.

SpaceX’s next launch is scheduled for March 21, when a Falcon 9 will deliver a communications satellite into orbit for Thales Alenia Space and the government of Turkmenistan.