Next week, the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo and the Web 2.0 summit will be held in the United States of America. PC users will get to try out the new edition of Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7, when it is launched worldwide on October 22.

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2009
October 18 - 22

Over 125 Gartner analysts and more than 100 leading solution providers will come together at the Gartner Symposium and ITxpo to discuss the newest technologies, the latest trends and emerging strategies for the future of the IT industry. Leaders from companies such as Hewlett-Packard, and Google, Microsoft Corp. will deliver keynote speeches and run workshops on topics that are integral to the inner workings of the IT industry.

Web 2.0 summit
October 20 - 22
Westin Market Street/San Francisco/US

The theme for the sixth Web 2.0 summit is Web Squared. This year the conference will focus on topics such as the way the web works, the technologies behind the internet, and the surrounding philosophies that are encountered in the continued growth and usage of the internet - openness, collective intelligence, and transparency. Conversations about how the economic crisis has driven companies to embrace the web and lead others to fail will also be on show during the event.

Windows 7
October 22

Computer technology giant, Microsoft Corporation, will start shipping the next version of their operating system (OS), Windows 7, on October 22. The Windows OS upgrades for US users will be priced at around $119.99 for the Home Premium version, $199.99 for the Professional upgrade and $219.99 for the Ultimate upgrade. A full copy of the Windows 7 OS will cost US residential users $199.99, professionals $299.99 and the Ultimate version will be priced at $319.99.

May You Live in Interesting Times - Festival of Creative Technology, Cardiff
October 22 - 24
Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff/UK

May You Live in Interesting Times is a three day festival that features DIY creations and creative uses of new technology. An intriguing exhibition of work created by artists, technology enthusiasts and creative tinkers will be on show during the event. There will also be a series of discussions, workshops and screenings that focus on the issues of "every day technology, social innovation and shared ideas". The festival is held in conjunction with the British Council, Ffotogallery and Wales Arts International.

Digital Media Conference (DMC West)
October 28
Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco/US

The DMC West is a full-day conference that focuses on "the top business issues impacting digital media companies". This year's speakers include, among others; Kevin Yen, Dicrector, Strategic Partnerships, YouTube; Joy Marcus, US General Manager, Dailymotion; Madeline Herdrich, VP of Mobile, Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment; Allen Duan, VP, Digital Distribution and Partner Relations, MTV Networks; Tom DeLuca, Vice President, Worldwide Interactive Marketing, Warner Home Video; and Elizabeth Churchill, Principal Research Scientist, Yahoo! Research.

eGames Expo 2009 & Digital Lifestyle Show
October 30 - November 1
Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton/Melbourne/Australia

Touted as Australia's biggest Video Games Expo, the eGames Expo runs alongside the Digital Lifestyle Show at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, Melbourne. One ticket provides entry into the eGames Expo, the Digital Lifestyle Show and the Develop ICT Skills and Careers Expo that all take place within the venue from October 30 to November 1. New release games from major publishers including Mad Man, Ubisoft, Disney and Microsoft will be available to buy at the eGames Expo along with new release gaming gear and hardware. Those looking to revamp their home entertainment systems and digital gadgets can try out the latest technology at the Digital Lifestyle Show where a full range of products will be available for hands-on demonstrations.

November 4 - 7
Infosys campus in Mysore/India

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED and is a non profit organisation that aims to spread ideas in the interests of global knowledge and inspiration. TEDIndia will explore developments in new technologies, creative design, future concepts and economic innovation taking place within South Asia. The theme of this year's TEDIndia is "The Future Beckons."