Weekly high-tech hot topics in the blogs: Google Public DNS, CrunchPad

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Hot topics in the tech blogs for the week of December 4: Google launches their own public DNS service, TechCrunch editor informed he is no longer involved in the CrunchPad, Microsoft launches Bing Maps Beta with 3D mapping and features for location-based Twitter add-ons, Google shows there is a way to index paid content articles from online news papers and Facebook changes its privacy settings.

Google Public DNS
While many people using the internet today have no idea what the DNS is (it stands for Domain Name System and is the system used to convert domain names - e.g. www.relaxnews.com - into unique Internet Protocol (IP) numbers that computers can use to connect with each other), journalists writing for technology blogs sure do and on December 3 it became a huge subject of discussion when Google introduced their own Public DNS. Bloggers literally freaked out - crying that this would not only assist in "Google's evil goal to take over the net" but would also enable the company to extend their web traffic monitoring beyond the bounds of Google's search engine.

The end of Michael Arrington's CrunchPad
TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington has long talked about his web tablet - a sleek, streamlined, portable touch screen device that would enable consumers to browse the internet from the comfort of their couch (or where ever else they chose to be). Many bloggers and technology consumers were avidly awaiting the launch of the device during the coming months. On November 30 Arrington wrote a detailed post about the demise of the tablet and how TechCrunch was "notified that we were no longer involved with the project. Our project." Many tech bloggers felt for Arrington's loss writing, "The whole situation is lousy," and "it's disappointing news both for anybody interested in portable electronics." Forbes.com, on the other hand, commented that the story surrounding the CrunchPad had turned into a "soap opera" while Wired wrote, "Arrington's earlier promises regarding the CrunchPad never panned out, and his latest missive only points to his inability to walk the talk."

Bing's Maps go 3D, integrates Twitter, Facebook
Bing delved into their fast-growing wealth of searcher queries to create a new Bing Maps experience for users. Microsoft will start to roll out new Bing Maps features, including location-based Twitter and Facebook status updates, mapping applications that let you add a layer of information on top of existing maps, and a 3D overhaul - created using a combination of laser-equipped photo-taking cars to help map-out city architecture in 3D, Microsoft's Photosynth tool to merge the images and its Silverlight-based viewer. Bloggers were quick to call many of the new mapping features "visually impressive"

Google and paid content
Blog have been running hot with News Corp. delisting from search engines stories over the last couple of weeks and many people in the news paper and media industries are following them closely. Last week bloggers discussed the implications of a Bing - News Corp. indexing deal. This week Google responded to newspapers with "First Click Free". The service lets newspapers put up pay walls and keep their articles in Google news and Google Search results without compromising either marketing strategy. Mashable commented, "While we think many media outlets have the wrong strategy to Google and social media, this compromise makes a lot of sense."

Facebook Privacy Changes
On December 1 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote a blog post saying the company was planning to scrap Facebook's regional networks and the privacy settings that accompanied them, instead opting for a more general approach to privacy that will enable users to select individual privacy controls for each piece of content they create. Bloggers were already prepared for the news as Facebook has revealed it would be changing privacy settings earlier in July. Most blogs said the changes would mean increased privacy for Facebook users. Bloggers including TechCrunch cautioned "The way Facebook makes its recommendations will have a huge impact on the site's future." ReadWriteWeb published an article, "How Facebook's New Privacy Changes Will Affect You."

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