Hot topics in the tech blogs for the week of October 23: the release of Windows 7, new iMacs, Twitter search results on Google & Bing, Motorola Droid, and Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader.

Windows 7
The long awaited release of Windows 7 took place on October 22 with PC fans riding the wave of a brand new operating system, the opening of a flagship Microsoft retail store in the US and a Windows Cafe in Paris -- all on the same day. The launch also coincided with an online store revamp and consumer-hosted Windows 7 Parties across the world. During the week bloggers started to write about Microsoft's new marketing strategy - one that involves cakes, coffee and surprisingly happy customers. While not overzealous about the new OS, Mac-wheedling technology bloggers were not as quick to write off the OS (and Microsoft) as a complete failure as they have so in the past.

Apple product release and 4th quarter results
Two days before the arrival of Microsoft's Windows 7 OS, bloggers started writing posts about how Apple "declared war on the entire PC industry." Coming out of their most profitable quarter ever, Apple knew how to get journalists writing about their brand. The trick was to steal Microsoft's Windows 7 release-day thunder by announcing an all new lineup of iMacs, upgrading their range of MacBooks and showing off the world's first multitouch mouse. Apple supporters spent the rest of the week gloating about Apple's perfectly timed release and its record-breaking financial news while Apple was busy re-instigating the PC vs. Mac debate with a new set of TV ads.

Google & Bing Twitter search
On October 21 Microsoft began incorporating Twitter's 140 character posts into search results appearing on its internet search engine while internet search giant Google announced their intention to provide similar search features. Rather than focus on the war between rival search engines, technology bloggers were inclined to report on how the news validated Twitter as an indispensable internet company. The deals will help to expand Twitter's already-large audience and at the same time provide company execs with another way to monetize the business.

Motorola Droid
On October 20 internet blog The Boy Genius Report (BGR) posted photos of a promotional mailer that contained pictures of the soon-to-be-released Android-powered Motorola Droid smartphone on their website. Information about the phone's preliminary specifications was later revealed on But the news that got all the bloggers talking took place on October 22 when it was revealed that Motorola (accidentally?) posted detailed specs and images of the device on its own website. According to the Motorola website screenshots shown on BGR, the device will sport a 5 MP camera with digital zoom, auto focus and Dual LED flash, WiFi, GPS and location services, up to 385 minutes of continuous usage, and will support HTML5 browsing and Flash 10 (in 2010).

Barnes & Noble's Nook
Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader has been branded the "Kindle Killer" by technology bloggers who have also called it "the iPhone of the e-readers." After rumors of its impending announcement, Barnes & Noble revealed the device on October 20. Bloggers were not ashamed to admit their admiration for the product. The e-reader sports a combination of technologies that meets the needs and desires of bloggers who have been begging for someone to produce a color device with a touch-sensitive screen - that didn't neglect the low energy consumption of e-ink technology.