Weekly high-tech product releases: 3D Blu-ray player, rewritable printer

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High-tech product releases announced the week ending February 10 include a 3D-ready Blu-ray player that can stream videos from the web, a camera that automatically knows which settings to use to capture the best photo, a digital SLR that can capture full HD video, a rewritable printer that saves you money and helps the environment, a golden hard drive for Michael Jackson fans, and a glossy mobile phone for fashionistas.

A Blu-ray player that can play 3D content and stream videos from the web
Sony is getting ready to launch its first ever Blu-ray 3D-Ready Player. The BDP-S470 stand-alone Blu-ray 3D-ready player is not only a 3D content player, it also can stream movies, videos and music directly from the internet via Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, YouTube, Slaker Internet Radio, Pandora, NPR, Sony Pictures, Sony Music and through Sony's propriety BRAVIA Internet Video platform. Sony's Blu-ray player will turn film watchers into film buffs with its ability to connect to Sony's Entertainment Database Browser where users can browse through actor profiles, production information and content related to their Blu-ray disc. iPhone users can wirelessly control the players using a free "BD Remote" application. The player is available in February for around $200.

A camera that can automatically detect the optimum shooting settings for your environment
Ricoh's new CX3 digital camera has an intelligent "scene auto mode" that detects optimum shooting settings for your environment and automatically switches to them to help you capture your best photo. The compact camera comes with a 28 mm wide-angle to 300 mm telephoto 10.7x optical zoom lens, a "back-illuminated" CMOS sensor, 720p video mode and an attractive exterior. Pet lovers will like the "pet mode" that switches off the flash, camera lights and camera operation sounds to help you snap your animal's picture without startling it. The camera will be available in February for a price of $399.99.

Flagship digital SLR that shoots full HD video
Canon's flagship EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR camera bridges the gap between entry-level and professional digital SLR cameras. The EOS Rebel T2i offers a range of features from 3.7 fps continuous shooting for action shots to crisp, low-noise portraits, even in low-light settings. Budding photographers can capture detailed high-res still images with the camera's 18 megapixel Canon CMOS imaging sensor and ISO range of 100 to 64000 (extendable up to ISO 12,800). Consumers looking to take their photography skills into the film world can shoot full HD 1080p video footage with selectable frame rates, full manual exposure control, create stunning effects with Canon's range of interchangeable lenses and can plug in an external microphone for high-quality sound recordings. The Canon EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR camera body-only configuration retails for $799.99 while a kit version with Canon's EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS zoom lens is priced at $899.99. The camera will go on sale in early March.

An eco-printer that doesn't waste paper
Sanwa-Newtec's Rewrite Printer RP-3100 is a revolutionary product designed to help companies and individuals cut down their daily paper consumption (and save money). The printer works without consumable supplies such as ink or toner. It uses a thermal printing technique to print and erase information on special rewritable sheets of paper - which can be printed and reprinted more than 1000 times. Printing time is equivalent to that of a regular ink jet color printer and the Sanwa-Newtec claims businesses can save around 666,000 yen (€5,400 per year) by using the rewritable printer. The company declined to provide pricing and availability information until they launch international sales.

A golden hard drive for Michael Jackson fans
Samsung is giving Michael Jackson fans another way to honor their pop idol with the release of a special edition external hard drive. The portable S2 drive is a pop star-worthy gadget with its golden exterior and signature Jackson silhouette. In addition to features such as automatic backup, data encryption and password-protected data access, the hard drive comes with a preloaded copy of Michael Jackson's This Is It movie. The 500GB hard drive will be available in March for a price of €109.

A glimmering touchscreen mobile for the girls
Marketed as the ultimate fashion accessory for women, Samsung's Miss Player phone arrives dressed in a glossy quilted and iridescent contour-designed coating. The device is customizable with matching themes and wallpapers and comes with a menu that provides direct access to social networking and community portals (such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and a proprietaryy shopping list application). The phone integrates a 2.8" touchscreen, FM radio and a 3 megapixel camera with a mode that can automatically detect smiles. Samsung's Miss Player phone is priced at €219.