High-tech product releases announced the week of December 23 include an ultra-portable micro projector, a luxury desktop that doubles as a light, a vacuum that cleans on its own, a miniature waterproof GPS device, a wireless Bluetooth music receiver, an iPod dock with Dolby virtual surround sound, and an accessory for your iPhone that makes gaming more hands-on.

An ultra portable micro projector
AAXA's M1 Micro Projector is an ultra portable projector with a 66 lumen output. The M1 can project images up to 100" (254 centimeters) in a dark room. The standard M1 supports up to 1280x720 resolutions at 30 frames per second while the M1 Plus supports up to 1280x960 resolutions. Extra features include an SD card slot for up to 8GB SD cards, 1GB of onboard memory and dual 1 watt speakers. The M1 standard model retails for $299 and started shipping on December 21, while the M1 PLUS will set you back $359 and will be available on January 21, 2010.

A high-end designer PC that doubles as a futuristic desk lamp
Artopz's new line of Minitopz desk lamp PCs look more like a works of art than desktop computers. Inside the sleek, clean, contemporary lines of the Minitopz you'll find a high-performance computer with a Blu-ray optical drive, HDMI port, full HD playback capabilities, and fiber optic light panels lit with 5mm LEDs. It also ships with a Mini DiNovo wireless keyboard and mouse unit. The Minitopz come in a range of different designs, in both standard desktop and upgraded home theater PC versions which range in price from $2,250 to $2700. The computers will be available at selected retailers during the first half of 2010 or from the Artopz website, http://www.artopz.com.

A robotic vacuum cleaner that will clean your floors on its own
NEATO ROBOTICS' Neato XV-11 is the next generation of cleaning technology. The Neato vacuum uses lasers to map out the entire area of your floors with its 360-degree views. It can then plan a systematic path that avoids any obstacles in its way. The robot can be programmed to start cleaning when it's convenient for you and it will automatically return to its base to recharge on its own. The Neato all-floor vacuum system is priced at $399. The robotic vacuum can be purchased from the Neato Robotics website (www.neatorobotics.com) before becoming available at US-based retailers during February 2010.

A waterproof key-chain GPS geotagging device
Navin Corp. has released a tiny portable and waterproof GPS device that will keep track of where you parked the car, provide you with a compass, and keep you informed of your location wherever you are. The Navin miniHomer will store up to five different locations and can keep track of your route of up to 165,000 points (with an accuracy of 2.5 meters). The device is priced at $69 and should be available in the US in January or February 2010. The geotagging software comes with a 60-day trial period after which it will cost $5 to register.

Wireless Bluetooth music receiver
Belkin's wireless Bluetooth music receiver enables you to play the music on your iPhone or iPod touch on your home stereo system without messy cables or wires. The receiver is connected to your home stereo and then paired to your device so you can play, pause and skip through your entire iPod music library on your stereo without having to get up off the couch. The device is priced at $49.99. It is available in the US and will be coming to Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia in March 2010.

iPod Dock with Dolby Virtual Surround Sound
JVC's new "personal theater," also known as the JVC XS-SR3, features a unique wrap-around design. iPhone or iPod devices can rest comfortably in the dock vertically, or horizontally for enhanced, widescreen video viewing. JVC XS-S3 will be priced at $149.95 and will be released in December 2009.

A hands-on gaming accessory for your iPhone
TuneWear's GameHandle for iPhone 3GS, 3G and iPod Touch 2G gives you much better control over your device when you are playing action and racing games. The GameHandle is coated with a high-quality rubber surface giving you extra grip and control over your device. The attachment can be purchased from Tunewear's online store (http://store.tunewear.com/) for $19.95.