Finger Physics Free is the most popularly downloaded free iPhone application for the week of November 30.

The top free application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on November 30:

1. US
Finger Physics Free (games)

Finger Physics Free is a game based on the principles of physics. Each level provides players with a different physics-based challenge - from balancing objects to using magnetic forces. In the beginning of each level, players are shown the goal they need to achieve during the game. Players then have to use their finger to complete the different tasks that include sliding blocks, guiding eggs into a basket or balancing squares on circles.

2. Germany
Wer Wird Millionär Trainingslager (games)
The Wer Wird Millionär Trainingslager ("Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Training Camp" in English) application provides training questions for wannabe game show contestants. Players can test their skills against real opponents with the "multiplayer mode" or see if they could have beaten prior contestants in broadcast versions of the Who Wants To Be a Millionaire TV show with an archive of over 18,000 questions featured on previous versions of the TV show.

3. France
Escaper Free (games)

Escaper Free is a block-moving brain-teaser. Players have to make an escape path for the prisoner by sliding "prison" walls out of his way. Players have to think before moving the walls as only a certain combination of moves will free the prisoner. The free version includes 25 levels of difficulty, each level unlocked when the previous is solved.

4. UK
Finger Physics Free (games)

See Finger Physics Free above.

5. Canada
iFarm by PlayMesh (games)

Players have to manage their own farm in this addictive farming-simulation app. iFarm feels similar to the original Sims game - where players earn money based on how well they manage their virtual world. Players have to plow their land, select the type of seeds they want to plant and watch their crops grow before they are able to earn money to buy more land. Players can also buy new farming equipment and "decorations" for their properties.

6. Australia
Cows In Space (games)

Cows In Space is a shoot-and-bounce game made by Donut Games. The game combines a futuristic version of space invaders with snooker-like physics. Players have to aim and shoot at air bubbles, propelling them into the bubbles that trap the cows in space. Once all the cows' bubbles have been popped, the player can move onto the next level.

7. Japan
COOKPAD (lifestyle)

The most popular Japanese-language cooking website, COOKPAD, has developed an iPhone application of the same name. The app, tailored for Japanese women in their mid-20s to early 30s, provides users with more than 640,000 user-submitted recipes - from traditional Japanese dishes to contemporary fusion cooking to Japanese-flavored American favorites. The application, like its web page counterpart, enables users to search for recipes by ingredient, keyword or recipe type.

8. Italy
iMTV (music)

iMTV combines MTV videos, news, photos, songs and TV listings into one application. Music fans can keep up with the latest MTV music news with both "Music" and "Crispy News" categories, while fans wanting to know the latest MTV Italy music rankings can head to the "Classifiche" section of the application. Band photos can be viewed by selecting the "Foto" category and the TV shows category provides users with current TV program listing for all MTV Italy channels and a video preview for some of their shows.

9. Switzerland
Swiss Snow Report (Weather)

The Swiss Snow Report iPhone application lets you check the latest weather conditions on more than 200 Swiss ski slopes. People can use the application to plan when they should take their next skiing holiday, as the application keeps you informed of the latest weather trends and keeps track of past weather patterns in the area. Some features of the application include the date, depth and time of the last snow fall, the number of ski lifts open and live views from webcams in the area.

10. Russia
Mail.Ru Agent (social networking)

Mail.Ru is an instant messaging application for the iPhone. Mail.Ru can be used to send free text messages, SMS and photos in real-time to other mobile phones with the Mail.Ru application. The app also provides access to your Mail.Ru email account while you are on the go and lets you check to see if your friends are online.

(*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iPhones have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's June estimate of the number of iPhones sold per country since being launched).