iBomber is the most popularly downloaded free iPhone application for the week of February 1.

The top free application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on February 1:

1. US
Kinetic Balls (games)

Kinetic Balls is a "physics-based" application that lets users interact with a group of five balls. The iPhone application is based on the Newton's Cradle business desktop toy popularized in the 1980s. Users can slide their fingers across one or two balls to set the kinetic forces in motion. There are 12 different skins including metallic balls, basketballs, coconuts and faces.

2. UK
FallDown! (games)

This gravity-based ball game gets players twisting and tilting their iPhone trying to send a ball falling down through the gaps in the upwards moving platforms. Players have to learn to control the ball as fast as they can to avoid squishing the ball at the top of the screen. A simple yet addictive game.

3. France
AlloCiné (entertainment)

France's online cinema portal AlloCiné released an application that will delight cinema fans in France. The application lists approximately 80,000 films, 1,900 cinemas and more than 300,000 actors. The information is coupled with customer reviews and ratings. Special application features enable you to search for films according to cinema location, watch film previews in HD, read about cinema and celebrity news in real time, and to submit your own film reviews.

4. Canada
Kinetic Balls (games)

See "Kinetic Balls".

5. Germany
iBomber (games)

This trigger-happy bombing game puts players in the pilot's seat with a mission to destroy almost everything they can see in their viewfinder. Players control the aircraft with the iPhone's accelerometer, attempting to fly it over predefined targets. Players are given a list of specific targets to hit on each mission with the aim of taking them all out before the time is up. Pressing the "Bombs away" button located on the screen will send your bombs crashing down onto the targets.

6. Australia
Bungee Stickmen - 2010: Space Edition {FREE} (games)

Bungee Stickmen is a physics-based game. Players try to stop the rudimentary stick figures from plunging to their death by calculating the length of the bungee rope and helping the stickmen to dive off high platforms. Players compete against their best scores in 180 different jumps.

7. Japan
Space Invaders Infinity Gene Lite (games)

Space Invaders Infinity Gene Lite is a futuristic version of the classic arcade game Space invaders. Players have to shoot down enemy spacecraft using skill, swift moves and perfect aim. New stages and features are unlocked as the player advances through the levels.

8. Italy
iBomber (games)

See "iBomber".

9. China
Cool Wallpapers & Backgrounds Free (entertainment)

Cool Wallpapers & Backgrounds provides users with access to more than 15,000 different iPhone wallpapers. Each image can be downloaded and added to your repertoire of iPhone backgrounds. The images are sorted into categories or users can shake the phone to bring up a random image.

10. Netherlands
iBomber (games)

See "iBomber".

(*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iPhones and iPod Touches have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's November 2009 estimate of the worldwide iPhone and iPod touch User Distribution.)