The list of most popularly downloaded free iPhone applications for the week of November 23 is dominated by applications in the games category.



The top free application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on November 23:

1. US
Touch Pets Dogs (Games)

Touch Pets Dogs is a game where players "adopt" their own adorable puppy and join a social network of other dog-loving players. The application provides wardrobes full of clothes and accessories so players can create a range of stylish outfits for their pampered pooch. Owners are also encouraged to teach their dog tricks and to care for their pet by following a routine that can include petting, grooming, feeding and washing (and of course cleaning up "accidents"). Players have to sign up to the network to play and must be connected to the internet.

2. Germany
iFarm by PlayMesh (games)

Players have to manage their own farm in this addictive farming-simulation app. iFarm feels similar to the original Sims game - where players earn money based on how well they manage their virtual world. Players have to plow their land, select the type of seeds they want to plant and watch their crops grow before they are able to earn money to buy more land. Players can also buy new farming equipment and "decorations" for their properties.

3. France
Escaper Free (games)

Escaper Free is a block-moving brain-teaser. Players have to make an escape path for the prisoner by sliding "prison" walls out of his way. Players have to think before moving the walls as only a certain combination of moves will free the prisoner. The free version includes 25 levels of difficulty, each level unlocked when the previous is solved.

4. UK
Finger Physics Free (games)

Finger Physics Free is a game based on the principles of physics. Each level provides players with a different physics-based challenge - from balancing objects to using magnetic forces. In the beginning of each level, players are shown the goal they need to achieve during the game. Players then have to use their finger to complete the different tasks that include sliding blocks, guiding eggs into a basket or balancing squares on circles.

5. Canada
SIRIUS (music)

SIRIUS is a streaming radio application for the iPhone made by the people behind the North American commercial-free satellite radio station broadcaster of the same name. The application lets iPhone users stream commercial-free music directly to their device and includes a wide range of channels including those dedicated to artists, sports news, talk shows, entertainment, and comedy. People not already subscribed to the SIRIUS radio station will have to sign up before being able to listen to music.

6. Australia
Cows In Space (games)

Cows In Space is a shoot-and-bounce game made by Donut Games. The game combines a futuristic version of space invaders with snooker-like physics. Players have to aim and shoot at air bubbles, propelling them into the bubbles that trap the cows in space. Once all the cows' bubbles have been popped, the player can move onto the next level.

7. Japan
???????????("Happy Decoration!" In English) (entertainment)

Made by Japanese-based Quattro Media Corporation, this newly-released application lets users design and decorate their own virtual cakes. First the person selects the icing color. Then users can choose to decorate the cake with a range of different toppings. Cream, strawberries, foliage, holiday-themed ornaments, cookies, and candies are among some of the ingredients that can be used to create unique designs on the top of the cake. Users also have the ability to create custom messages. Once the cake has been finished, users can light the candles and turn off the lights.

8. Italy
Orba (games)

Orba is a strategy game where players have to clear like-colored orbs from the screen. Only three or more orbs of the same color can be removed by tapping them with your finger. The longer the chain of orbs is, the more points you will gain. As the level increases, so too does the number of different colored orbs, making it more difficult for players to make long chains and to clear the screen

9. Switzerland
WhatsApp Messenger (social networking)

WhatsApp Messenger is a free instant messaging application that allows you to send and receive unlimited short messages for free. The application includes instant push notifications so you can receive text messages from your friends and family even when the application is not open. WhatsApp can be used with your existing iPhone contact list and enables you to send messages both locally and internationally (with the exceptions of Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and India).

10. Russia
iFarm by PlayMesh (games)

See "iFarm by PlayMesh" above.

(*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iPhones have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's June estimate of the number of iPhones sold per country since being launched).