The most popularly downloaded free iPhone application for the week of November 16 is the multiple choice quiz application, "How much do you know about sex?"

The top free application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on November 16:

1. US
Family Guy: Uncensored Free (Games)

Family Guy is an application based on the American TV show Family Guy. The humorous game is made up of a few mini-games. Players use the on-screen controls to navigate through the game, jumping over obstacles and shooting opponents. Family Guy is reminiscent of the 16-bit computer gaming era but has been crafted with a futuristic skin.

2. Germany
Wie viel weißt du über Sex? (Lifestyle)

The application Wieviel weißt du über Sex? ("How much do you know about sex?" in English) quizzes users about their sex knowledge. Players are asked multiple choice questions such as, "How long do women need to reach orgasm," "What's a man's average penis size when he has an erection" and "Do women have to reach orgasm during intercourse in order to get pregnant?" After completing the test, the application displays interesting facts about sex.

3. France
Êtes-vous calé en Sexe ? (Lifestyle)

See "Wie viel weißt du über Sex?" above.

4. UK
Sky Mobile TV News and Sports (Sports)

British-based cable TV company Sky is the first cable TV company to create their own 'live TV' iPhone application. Sky Mobile TV News and Sports enables subscribers to watch TV programs on their iPhone anywhere within the UK. The application is free to download but users are required to pay a £6 (€7) a month fee to gain access to the service. Once subscribed, users can stream live TV - including all Sky Sports channels, Sky Sports News, Sky News, ESPN and At The Races - directly to their iPhone over a WiFi connection.

5. Canada
CBC Hockey (Sports)

CBC Hockey is an application for Canadian hockey fans. The application provides up-to-date player statistics, standings by division, LIVE NHL game box scores, all game results, match fixtures, and pretty much everything you could ever need to know about the game. The application is divided up into four major categories, News, Schedule, Stats and your own home screen.

6. Australia
This free application enables Domino's Pizza customers to order their pizzas from their iPhone. Users can browse through the menu or custom-create their own pizza. The fast food can then be delivered or picked up from a store within Australia. Orders can be tracked via the application so users know exactly where their pizza is at all times. As an added bonus, customers can also benefit from special online offers viewable from within the application.

7. Japan
TRAVATAR (Social Networking)

Travatar is a social networking application that combines uber-cute characters with social virtual travelling. Each user is assigned his or her own anime avatar. These avatars make virtual trips to other users' iPhones, leaving messages while they are there. Users can access a record of the locations their avatar has travelled to and view messages that have been left by other users.

8. Italy
Quanto ne sai di Sesso? (Lifestyle)

See "Wie viel weißt du über Sex?" above.

9. Switzerland
How much do you know about sex? (Lifestyle)

See "Wie viel weißt du über Sex?" above.

10. Russia
SketchBook MobileX (Entertainment)

SketchBook MobileX is an application designed for professional-grade sketching and drawing on the iPhone. The application provides advanced drawing tools, specifically created for use within a touchscreen environment, making it quick and easy to visually jot down notes or create masterpieces using just your finger. Users can create their drawings using three different layers, use multitouch navigation to zoom up to 2500 percent, undo and redo, and save images to their iPhone Library for later reference.

(*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iPhones have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's June estimate of the number of iPhones sold per country since being launched).