Traffic Rush is the most popularly downloaded free iPhone application for the week of December 14.

The top free application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on December 14:

1. US
Traffic Rush (games)
Traffic Rush is another free game produced by iPhone application developer Donut Games. Players have to direct vehicles across busy city streets using their fingers to make the traffic accelerate or brake at the intersection. Quick thinking and swift fingers are needed to avoid road accidents. The intersection will become jam-packed with cars, bikes and trucks trying to get across if your fingers are not fast enough.

2. Germany
Zu welchem Tier wirst du im Bett? (entertainment)
Zu welchem Tier wirst du im Bett? (What Sexual Animal are you? in English) is a quiz-based application that asks users a series of questions to determine what type of animal they are in bed. The application also features curious tidbits about animals' sexual behaviors.

3. France
Traffic Rush (games)
See "Traffic Rush" above.

4. UK
Traffic Rush (games)
See "Traffic Rush" above.

5. Canada
Traffic Rush (games)
See "Traffic Rush" above.

6. Australia
Traffic Rush (games)
See "Traffic Rush" above.

7. Japan
Piano Lesson PianoMan In App Purchases (games)
Budding pianists can learn to play the piano on their iPhone using the Piano Man iPhone app. The application displays easy instructions on the iPhone screen helping young kids or adults new to the musical world tap out a song on their phone. A results section will enable you to check on your performance and see if you are improving. There is also an in-app store so users can update their library of PianoMan songs.

8. Italy
iPranzo è Servito (games)
The classic TV-based quiz game show "Il pranzo è servito" or "Lunch is served" in English has been ported to the iPhone platform. The app has been crafted to mimic the show's overall look, with the famous signs, wheel and buttons recreated in the image of "Il pranzo è servito". The current version of the app lets you create your own questions (according to an English translation of the Italian app page, the app designer is working to turn the app into a fully-functioning game-show app in a future release), listen to the theme tune, turn the wheel and turn on and off the stage lights.

9. Switzerland
Snow Report MySwitzerland (Weather)
With temperatures dropping, iPhone users are eager to get to the snow slopes. Snow Report MySwitzerland keeps winter sports fans up to date with the latest weather reports on the slopes. The application provides information about the latest snow reports, weather conditions, then number of ski lifts open as well as providing live views from webcams on the slopes. Weather information is available in around 250 winter sports regions.

10. Russia
PD Maps Worldwide Edition (navigation)
PD Maps Worldwide Edition is a turn-by-turn navigation application. Users across the world can use PD Maps Worldwide Edition for 2D and 3D map browsing. Users can choose to use mapping information (including the fastest or most direct routes to their destination) from Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, OpenStreetMaps, CloudMade, Microsoft Bing, Yandex or Mail.Ru. There is support for real-time traffic information in many major cities in Europe, Australia and North America plus five-day weather forecasts for any point on the map.

(*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iPhones have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's June estimate of the number of iPhones sold per country since being launched).