The PSP experienced a resurgence, though not via sales of the newer, smaller, digital-only PSP Go.

It was sales of the standard model PSP that shot up by 4,500, likely tied to the release of Kenka Bancho 4, a popular school-themed fighting game, which shot to the number one spot in the software sales chart.

For the rest of the chart: the PlayStation 3 resumes its usual place in fourth, swapping with the Nintendo Wii which rises once more to remain the third most bought console in Japan in the last week of February 22-28.

1) Nintendo DS: 45,220
2) Sony PSP: 38,634
3) Nintendo Wii: 36,241
4) PlayStation 3: 27,763
5) Xbox 360: 2,510
6) PlayStation 2: 1,912

Sony PSP sales breakdown
PSP: 37,338
PSP Go: 1,296

Nintendo DS sales breakdown
DSi LL (aka xL): 24,605
DSi: 15,586
DS Lite: 5,029

Source: Media Create