The 10 most popular games on videogame guide website GameFAQs on Wednesday March 10 included new releases Final Fantasy XIII, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and God of War III, as well as a re-entry for the previous Final Fantasy game, XII, on PlayStation 2.

Final Fantasy XIII was described in press releases by its publishing company Square Enix as "the most highly anticipated game of the year", and though many gamers were unsure about whether it would live up to the hype following a relatively subdued critical reception in Japan last year, it's said to have shipped more than 5 million copies - though how many of those shipments convert to sales remains to be seen.

Still, appetite for the game has been substantial enough to propel it to number one spot on this week's chart of most popular game guides. Despite having a supposedly simplified narrative, plenty of help is on hand, with good cause.

Fervour surrounding the game has also helped propel Final Fantasy XII back up the charts as gamers give it a go either in lieu of possessing the latest chapter in the ever-continuing series, as a precursor to playing the new title, or browsing through the guide in order to catch up on anything they missed.

Bad Company 2 is Modern Warfare 2's current source of opposition in the first person shooter genre. Even more than its predecessor, Bad Company 2 rewards team play and prides itself on the variety of vehicles available, and of course there is the matter of map-specific tactics and single player missions which also raise interest in a user guide such as the ones used here.

The long awaited God of War III finally arrives on PlayStation 3 and Sony will hope that excitement about it will drive sales of the console as well as detract from Final Fantasy XIII's availability on a Microsoft platform.

The game received excellent review scores and, though not for everyone, its visceral brand of ancient Greek revisionism has been taking up plenty of players' time as well.

01) Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
02) Final Fantasy XIII (360)
03) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (360)
04) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (360)
05) Mass Effect 2 (360)
06) Dragon Age: Origins (PC)
07) Heavy Rain (PS3)
08) God of War III (PS3)
09) Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
10) Dragon Age: Origins (360)

Source: The GameFAQs Top 100