The top 10 gaming videos watched by YouTube users in the last week include a developer diary about the new Halo game, a skit about what the Mario Bros. Games are really all about, and a walkthrough for Wake The Royalty, a compulsive browser-based puzzler.

Top 10 YouTube gaming videos on Thursday February 18 at 12pm GMT:

1) Once More Unto The Breach - 550,472 total views
The developers of the Halo series explain their rationale behind designing the upcoming fourth entry, Halo Reach, a prequel to 2001's Halo: Combat Evolved.

2) Trixy Minxy 5 - Get Some Box - 393,176 total views
Buxom American YouTube vlogger Minxy's affected style, reminiscent of 2008 internet phenomenon Boxxy, mixes personal comment with Japanese phrases. Here she responds to receiving a promotional, home-made "Get Some" gift box from fellow YouTube user, close-up magician, and American-in-Japan Ericsurf6.

3) FarmVille Podcast - Feb 12th - 355,405 total views
The official weekly podcast all about the number one Facebook game, FarmVille, detailing its Valentine's Day specials and a new product that heals withered crops.

4) Modern Warfare 2 Free For All 3 - Rust - 288,867 total views
A Modern Warfare 2 player chugs two energy drinks and a cup of coffee before chatting his way through a gameplay video of what, in his opinion, is an "awful, awful map" in the game's every man for himself online multiplayer mode.

5) Modern Warfare 2: Biggest Cocky Kill Failure Ever - 325,484 total views
One of Machinima's uploaders posts a video of a piece of incredibly cheeky one-upmanship going badly wrong.

6) A Complaint to Mario Bros. Plumbing - 310,377 total views
The College Humor team riff on a wry observation about Nintendo's series of Mario games, as one homeowner witnesses two plumbers re-enacting many famous features of Mario Bros. gameplay while on a call-out to repair a bathroom appliance.

7) Wake The Royalty Walkthrough - Levels 14-25 - 308,978 total views
Wake Up The Royalty is a simple physics-based web game where players add small pieces of wood to set off complicated contraptions. This is a guide to completing the second half of the game.

8) Mass Effect 2 (Hit it, Quit It, Save Humanity) - 236,899 total views
Phillip DeFranco of the LikeTotallyAwesome channel answers the question "is this game going to be awesome or is it going to be really awesome?", after explaining the game's backstory, how the gameplay works, and the way a player's decisions affect the way Mass Effect 2 unfolds.

9) Modern Warfare 2: SeaNanners' Domination on Wasteland - 243,826 total views
Popular Machinima host SeaNanners talks through some of his Modern Warfare 2 techniques and discusses various sniping preferences, finding a balanced gameplay style, the importance of teamwork, and the benefits of having fun.

10) Wake The Royalty Walkthrough - Levels 1-13 - 299,919 total views
YouTube user and Wake The Royalty fan Tasselfoot takes viewers through the first 13 levels of Eugene Karataev's fun puzzler, the sequel to Wake Up The Box.