Five gaming applications that will have you frantically drawing your way to the next level.

Trace is a fun drawing-based game where players must draw their own bridges, paths and platforms to make it through to the next level. Trace is a game that really makes good use of the iPhone's touch-sensitive screen to provide customers with a fun, unique and customizable game. Not only is it fun to play, it is also free.
Price: Free

A Doodle Flight - Draw/Import your own plane!
The classic arcade shooting game style pioneered by the likes of Gallagher and Space Invaders gets a refreshing makeover in A Doodle Flight. Players have to create and draw their own battle-ready spaceship before they can wage war on the enemy crafts. Instead of sleek mean fighting machines, players attack cute hand-drawn enemies such as penguins, angry clouds, stars and fish.
Price: $0.99

Touch Physics
Touch Physics is a drawing-based game where users have to make a wheel touch the star-shaped goal to complete each level. Players make the wheel move using "physics principles" - either by drawing different objects and dropping them on top of or next to the wheel or by and creating platforms and ramps the wheel can roll along or down.
Price: $1.99

Lines of Mania
Lines of Mania is a drawing-based game that requires forward thinking, well planned strategies and speedy fingers. Players have to draw connecting lines between a series of consecutive numbers making sure they all join up. The trick is to figure out a path that will enable you to join all the numbers without crossing over already drawn lines. There is a massive 67 levels of increasing difficulty - 24 of which can be played in multiplayer mode.
Price: $0.99

Charadium is an online multiplayer drawing game that closely resembles Pictionary. The game is played with two or more people online (so you must be connected to the net via WiFi, 3G or Edge to play). One player is presented with a word and has to try and convey its meaning to the other players using only their drawing skills. The other players have to try and be the first to guess what that word is.
Price $0.99