The week's top five applications to help you cut down your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint (while also saving you money).

Meter Readings
The iPhone application called Meter Readings was designed to help you keep track of your household energy consumption. Users simply enter in their meter readings and the application calculates their energy usage, the cost of their utility usage and any savings the consumer has made from reducing their energy consumption. Figures are displayed in easy-to-understand graphs - providing users with information about their current and average electricity, gas and water consumption over customizable time periods.
Price: $0.99 in the US App store

Greenmeter is an application that will help you reduce your fuel consumption costs, your environmental driving impact, and will give you tips on how to drive your car more efficiently. Users can get real-time feedback on their car's energy consumption while they are driving. The application analyzes data gained from the iPhone's accelerometer and uses this to calculate your car's power, fuel usage and consumption, and the carbon emissions you have created while driving.
Price: $5.99 in the US App store

MeterRead is a great application for the environmentally conscious energy consumer. MeterRead helps you to monitor your energy consumption and provides you with the figures you need to start reducing your utility bills. By keeping track of your energy meters, the application can predict the amount of energy you will consume in the coming month, helping you to determine if you need to turn off a few extra lights in the future. The application works with both digital and analogue meters and can be easily configured to show you the information that is most important to you.
Price: $1.99

Have you ever wondered how much energy your electrical appliances are consuming or how much it costs to power your Desktop Computer for seven hours per day? The Kill-o-watts iPhone app can provide you with the answers to those questions. Users choose the electrical appliances they own from a list of over 120 common household appliances already in the application or create custom appliances in the app based on the products they own. Users input the amount of use the application gets on a regular basis and the application calculates how much energy each appliance consumes. The application can also be used to assist you with your next household appliance purchase by calculating which one will consume less energy.
Price: $0.99

Shopgreen is technically an application that helps you shop ecologically by choosing green companies in your area. It also provides great tools to help you calculate ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint. Users answer a series of questions about their energy consumption habits for the day, such as "Today I Made an effort to take a shorter shower" or "Air dried clothes instead of using the dryer" to earn "green rewards." Green-minded individuals can also calculate energy savings and CO2 reductions they would be making by choosing different methods of transport, recycling or making smart decisions around the house.
Price: $0.99

Prices are based on those found in the American iTunes App store.