Top five Halloween applications on your iPhone this week:

Mystery Mania
Mystery Mania is a Halloween-themed game designed by Electronic Arts. Players have to use their logic skills to solve the point-and-click mysteries waiting for them in each room. Players will explore and conquer 27 rooms full of cute yet creepy Halloween traps, puzzles and challenges in this award-winning game. Mystery Mania sells for $1.99 in the US App store.

Zombie Pizza
This time-management game has you racing against the clock to prepare gory-looking pizzas for the hungry zombies waiting outside. Grab the disgusting-looking organs, brains and eyes from the conveyor belt and arrange them into a tasty-looking pizza. You better be quick or the undead will start beating down the door. Zombie Pizza costs $0.99 in the US App store.

Alive 4-ever
It wouldn't be Halloween without a zombie-shooting bloodbath game and Alive 4-ever has its fair share of blood, guts and trigger happy game-play. Up to four players can connect via Bluetooth to complete the zombie-hunting missions together. Players can choose from a selection of 16 different zombie-killing weapons that will help them to complete their violent missions. Alive 4-ever is priced at$ 2.99 in the US App store.

Halloween Postage
Halloween Postage lets you add Halloween-themed borders and special effects to your spooky photos of family and friends. Simple editing features are included in the app such as zoom, move and rotate. Once you are done playing, attach a written message to the postcard. You can then email the postcard to your contacts, upload it to social networking site Facebook or save it to your photo album. Halloween Postage sells for $0.99 in the US App store.

Halloween Experience
Halloween Experience is an all-in-one Halloween Application. Halloween Experience offers users multiple games, "pumpkin carving", and Halloween sound effects. The application will also count down the days until Halloween. Halloween Experience is priced at $0.99 in the US App store.